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Nu Disco | Borneland – ‘Milestone’ [Mix 18 / Jan 14]


Happy New Year!

2013 was a massive year for the EDM community, especially the house and nu-disco scene. And in 2014 I’m anxious to see what many of my favorite producers will come up with!

Well, Denmark-based production duo Borneland are already kicking off the New Year with an infectious nu-disco mix.

Titled “Milestone,” this nu-disco mix pays homage to Micki and Jonas’ grandfather and his passion for bees. Normally most artists put out a mix and just hope you’ll like it or support it, but “Milestone” has a really beautiful story behind it.

Micki and Jonas in their own words on why they made this mix:


Words via the press release I received in my inbox fromĀ Borneland.

Experience Borneland:

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