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Riise Up Dance Productions


Hey there all my readers/followers and those within the DMV dance/music community, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

My brother, Jamile McGee, is opening an awesome new dance studio right here in Annapolis, Maryland. Yes, that’s right, his own dance studio!

After years I’ve traveling the world dancing and capturing the hearts of millions on season 1 of “So You Think You Can Dance,” my brother is bringing his raw oldschool/new school hip-hop style right here to the DMV.

Working closely on this project, my brother and I are hoping to bring this studio to life next month with weekly Adult-drop in classes in the following styles: hip hop, breaking, popping, house, locking, Jazz Funk, and Motown Fitness.

Jamile10My brother is incredibly talented in all styles of dance, and I love seeing his artistic vision come to life in class, on stage, in concept videos, and commercial work. It’s amazing watching him dance.

One minute he’s channeling the old school New Jack swing movements and then the next he is mixing it up with Baltimore Club and Popping. 

As the Creative Director for Riise Up Dance Productions, I’ve been busy working on the new website, Facebook page, logos, marketing, and pushing this Kickstarter project. It’s a lot to handle, but I’m excited to see my brother’s passion for dance and choreography spread throughout the DMV, as well as nationally and internationally.

So, what do we need from you to make this all a reality? Simply put: We need/want your support! Pass this around to all the dancers and culture enthusiasts you know. Let’s make this studio larger than life!

For more information check out the official website:

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