Simply Breathtaking | Active Child – ‘Silhouette (Live)’

ActiveChildAt first I was obsessed with the high pitch angelic vocals of Bon Iver, but now I’m shouting and praising the incredible emotion-driven vocals of Los-Angeles-based singer, Active Child. 

Pat Grossi aka Active Child is a brilliant artist who captured my heart in one of my late-night Spotify session with his songs “Playing House” and “Hanging On.”

But now, he’s returned to the scene with a powerful new EP, Rapor. The EP (which is out now) features Miky Ekko and Ellie Goulding on some stellar tracks, but the powerhouse of this release is the majestic tear-jerker “Silhouette.”

The song is the beautiful love story featuring the vocals of Ellie Goulding, but in a live performance in Melbourne, Active Child is backed by an angelic choir and a string quartet.

Overall, it’s such a moving piece that is riddled with so much hope even when love can be so uncertain. The lyrics convey a message that when you are home, with the one who cares for you, you’ll never be alone. And even if that person is far away, their voice will carry you on and you will still be with them…hopefully forever.

Man, it’s just beautiful! Makes me want to cry. It’s amazing how powerful a song can be, especially when the voice is so heavenly.

Active Child’s voice is euphoric…

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