G-House | The Beatangers – ‘Get Up Everybody’ EP Teaser


Amine Edge isn’t the only one keeping the G-House movement alive. With an affinity for all things house and that urban hip-hop vibe, The Beatangers are making gangsta moves with their new EP, Get Up Everybody.

Get Up Everybody is their first release on Kolombo’s LouLou Records and you too can be all gangsta when this release drops on December 12th (only a few days away!)

This is a wiicked good release and I’m totally giving it my full support. It’s got that old school hip-hop sound with that banging bass and house music arrangement. If you are a house music who digs hip-hop, then you’ll like, better yet, you’ll love this release. supports music that is certified awesome, especially if it’s a banger like this one.

Check out the teaser below and show your support to The Beatangers with a Facebook Like. 🙂

How I Met G-House

For those of you who don’t know much about g-house, let me put you on game. You see, last year, I was introduced to an infectious style of house music that seamlessly combined house with rap lyrics. Whether it be sampling old school cuts or letting a newschool rapper shine, g-house brings house & hip-hop together.

So how (and where) did I first learn about this style of music? Well my dear house junkies, it all took place while I on the dance floor at U Street Music Hall. As usual I was shaking my groove thang and housing it up with my friends, ya know the usual. However, In the midst of my good times, I heard a dope style of music that had raw hip-hop rhymes, but a steady (and definitive) house pattern.

It as at that moment I was introduced to the gangsta yet house-infused music of Amine Edge & Dance, and since then I’ve been hooked to the style of music they’ve helped to popularize, which is known as G-House (Gangsta House).

For more g-house, head over to soundcloud and check out some great stuff from Amine Edge, as well as other rising g-house producers.

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