I ♥ Basement Jaxx


So as I laid in my bed last night,  I randomly started to recite lyrics & melodies of some of my popular Basement Jaxx songs. From “Make Me Sweat (Make Me Wet)” to “Where’s Your Head At” and “Get Me Off,” I was doing an entire medley! Why? I don’t know, it just felt right (or something like that.)

But seriously, Basement Jaxx was my everything during middle school. In the midst of my budding romance with house, I was exploring the connections I could create with electronic music from the UK. From Dirty Vegas to Daft Punk to Basement Jaxx, I was just feeding my brain with so much good music from abroad. But I was truly impressed with the variety of sounds Basement Jaxx could put together.

Sort of a mixture of big beat, house, UK garage, and a bunch of other mixtures of electro, Basement Jaxx was (and still is) one of my favorite production duos from the 90s and early 2000’s “underground electronic music scene.”

Overall, I love just the vocals of some of their tracks, and when accompanied with hardcore electro beats, it just turns into this sexy adrenaline. Does that make sense? Probably not.

For instance, let’s take “Get Me Off.” At it’s core, it’s just such a raw and sexy song about being undressed, caressed, and just having someone “get you off.” Ya know, make it do what it do. Dirty dirty dirty….love love love it.  😉 Especially with that naughty guy whispering all the stuff he wants to do, it just makes the song insanely hot!

But I digress. My whole point (which I probably don’t know at this point) is that Basement Jaxx is simply awesome and their music had this raw edgy theme of sexual appeal (and a lot of other stuff.)

But whether they are talking about sex or whatever else, they’ve always got such a unique sound to each release. It’s a mixture of so much stuff, which is why you can’t just put them into one genre of house: Basement Jaxx does it all with electronic pizazz. 

So in celebration of how much I love their music, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite songs from them. Is that cool? 🙂

Get Down & Horny

Make Me Sweat

Red Alert

Get Me Off

Where’s Your Head At

Rendez Vu

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