♥ | New Music From J.Holiday & It’s Certified Sexy!

042612-topic-music-j-holiday.jpg-2Listen up ladies (and fellas, but mainly ladies,) J. Holiday is back in action with new music! Yes, that’s right, the undeniably sexy J. Holiday who captured our hearts (and panties) back in 2007 with the sex anthem – “Bed.”

The Washington, D.C. sex-sational (yes, I said it) singer has released a steamy new music video for his new single “Guilty Conscience.” Even though the song is about how he did his girl wrong…blah blah blah, all I care about is that insanely beautiful voice of his! With a voice like that, you can’t be mad at him…even though he might have effed up (watch the video.)

You see, what I truly love about Mr. Holiday is the fact he sings about the raw-rugged-sexy reality of relationships. He can sing about laying it down in “Bed” then go singing about missing his girl in “Suffocate” and then top it off with talking about “fucking other bitches” in his new song “Guilty Conscience.” I must say, the raw honesty is intoxicating…which is why I’m glad he is back on the scene!

Let’s just hope that he can get major props this time around and not be slept on. I feel that he should have had so much more attention, not just for “Bed” but for his debut album Back of My Lac’ and Round 2.

Alright, so enough of me going on and on about how much I love the man and his music. Go ahead and check out the steamy new visuals below and stay tuned for his new album coming out next month. If this song is any indication of what to expect, then ladies go ahead and get ready to add some new tracks to your “sex playlist.” 😉

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