I Kinda Like It | Chris Brown x Kid Ink – Show Me


Despite the fact I have my occasional hipster antimainstream/pop culture moments, I actually enjoy most of the pop culture musings. While I absolutely CAN’T STAND Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian (major ewww fest) on the other hand I’ve got a lil’ love for Chris Brown.

Maybe it’s because my brother (Jamile McGee) is in his music video “Gimme That” and has worked with him on several occasions, as well as partying with him in Los Angeles, or perhaps it’s because I used to have a crush on Breezy; I’ve got a spot for him in my heart. As much as the kid effs up, he still has some dope music and legit dance moves that get him a pass in my book.

Or I could use this moment for a ignorant hashtag like #teamlightskinned to show my support. LOL

So yes, while we can all admit that he has done some incredibly stupid things (dude, get it together,) I can still get down to some of his music…including his collab with Kid Ink.

Until last week, I had no idea who Kid Ink was. I’m not really into the tatted-up culture nor that whole “let’s be a stoner and make it look cool” image, but I can say that Kid Ink’s “Show Me” track with Breezy is kind of hot. Yeah, I actually like it!

I could do without the rapping of Kid Ink on a longterm basis, but for a short-term fix and enjoyment of grooving to a catchy-sexy track, this song works for me.

Now ask me, do I like it better than “Love More” featuring fake-booty Nicki Minaj? Nope, I still like that track x video waaaaay better (plus it’s funnier x way more hip,) but for now I do kind of like “Show Me.”

#Winning or #Fail on this one? Share your thoughts.

Just because…

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