Famous Masterpieces Remixed With Nike’s Iconic Swoosh

As a visionary, artist, and aspiring graphic designer/photographer (studying for a Masters in Design,) I’m a huge fan of the marriage between iconic design and branding.

It’s always amazed me how a symbol (fairly simple or complex) can transcend into the overall “face” of a company. One could go on and on naming the iconic branded designs of companies such as Target, Red Bull, and Adidas, but one brand design that is perhaps the most legendary (and insanely simple) is Nike.

nike-logo-background-hd-wallpaperEven when it’s unaccompanied by the slogan “Just Do It,” whenever you see that swoosh symbol, our pop-cultured obsessed minds immediately think of Nike. I mean, you could try to be a smartie-pants and say it’s a fancy checkmark, but come on now, don’t be coy. The swoosh is Nike, Nike is the swoosh. End of story.

The iconic Nike swoosh is what makes the brand stand out, especially since the simplicity of its logo allows it to blend with any design scheme, even the ones of classic masterpieces.

Ah yes, the classic paintings of that are treasured to the hearts of many art enthusiasts (such as myself) have been graced with an exciting remix on filmmaker Davide Bedoni’s tumblr, swooshart.

The placement of the swoosh in these brilliant masterpieces creates a new perspective in each work. Go ahead and check out some of the works.

For more swoosh art, head over to Bedoni’s tumblr.

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