Baby Got Back: Venezuela’s Voluptuous Mannequins


Plastic-surgery is common in our society. Don’t like something about your body? Then go ahead, change it. I personally don’t have a problem with cosmetic alterations (doubt I’d ever get any,) but if you do it, don’t be ashamed of it. Share it, don’t hide it or cover it up with a BS lies and denials. But that seems to be a trend, especially amongst celebs…

But I digress. Plastic surgery is huge in our American culture, but did you know that in Venezuela many (perhaps a large selection of the population) women are getting surgical enhancements? I could say plastic surgery, but the level of work that is being done to some of the women is beyond going up a cup size or two. Some of the work is outrageously extreme!

In a recent article in the NY Times, the culture of plastic surgery is being imitated in retail displays. The images of skinny models with a lack of curves have been replaced with voluptuous, big-breasted and big hip mannequins designed by Eliezer Álvarez.

Whereas discussing and openly celebrating plastic surgery is often seen as a conversational taboo in our country, most women in Venezuela boast about the work they’ve had (and would like to get) done.

“Women freely talk about their surgeries, and mannequin makers jokingly refer to the creations as being “operated” as well,” writes William Neuman.

To hear more about the culture of augmented beauty in Venezuela, check out the NY Times video of the story.

This change in mannequin design doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me. However, it would be nice to see a tasteful diversity of sizes and enhanced assets. Yah know, I wouldn’t want to go shopping and see a bunch of mannequins with Double D breasts and tiny waists. Mix it up a little, but still appeal to the voluptuous women out there (natural and enhanced.)

Would you want to see voluptuous (proportionally exotic) mannequins in your favorite stores? Share your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

More Images:

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