Deep n’ Sexy | Stefano Ritteri – ‘The Partylife’


Whew, I’ve had quite a full weekend (and it all really kicked off on Thursday.) From hanging out in DC @ U Street Music Hall to getting down @ The Get Down in Baltimore, these past days have been great. And in the midst of hanging out, I stumbled upon the sounds of Stefano Ritteri. 

Based in London, UK, Stefano is (I guess you could classify him as) a deep house producer. Of course, that’s a term that some people take really serious and I know a read an annoying rant on Mix Mag by a girl who was sick of people calling stuff “deep house.” But if it’s got a certain rhythm and those “deep” vibes, then hell it’s deep house.

Anyways, like I was saying, Stefano Ritteri has several tracks n remixes that are deep, tech, and sexy. However, the one that put me on game to his music is an original by him titled “The Partylife.” It’s the perfect song that fits the mood I’m in when I’m out housing it up.

I’m madly in love with the sexy cool vibes of “The Partylife,” but Stefano has got some other great remixes as well (including some original releases.) But yea, right now it’s all about “The Partylife.” Gosh, it’s such a good track!

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