Girl Power | Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix With Black Girl/White Girl


Happy Monday! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, and now I want you to get your house on and kick off the week with this exclusive mix from Black Girl/White Girl.

But, before you get in the zone with the mix (or while you listen to it), take some time to get to know Black Girl/White Girl in this exclusive interview. Trust me, it’s full of EDM girl power that you’ll just love. These girls rock! 🙂

  1. So Tahnee and Karin, where did you grow up?

Karin grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. Tahnee grew up on Curacao (a small island in the Caribbean) and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 13. Right now we’re both living in Israel.

  1. As a childhood, who were your musical influences? Did the music you listened to as a kid help you fall in love with electronic music?

T:  I used to listen to all types of music. From Bob Marley to Elvis via Backstreet Boys to Ultranate. I was always open-minded and was influenced by whatever my parents played or whatever was on the radio and TV. I remember when I got a little bit older (13/14), I started buying these “Best of” dance mixes. From this moment on, I started tinkering with music making software. So yes, I guess in some way it prepped me for exploring dance music even more.

K: I was influenced by whatever my sisters and brother were listening. My sisters loved stuff like Mariah Carey & Michael Jackson and my brother listened to everything from Scatman to Ace of Base. Generation MTV right! It didn’t drive me to electronic music but to be honest, it did help me broaden my musical interests.

  1. Let’s talk a little about electronic dance music. What’s your favorite genres (house, dnb, dub step, trance, electro, synth pop, etc)?

We don’t really think of music in (sub)genres, because it helps us to stay creative and steer clear of conventions and labels. Especially since everything is becoming more intertwined, giving birth to new genres and sounds. But to be absolutely honest, house is our main love. UK house, bass, deep house.. The whole lot. We also appreciate electro a great deal, just as long as there is some kind of musical progression involved.

  1. Black Girl/White Girl, interesting name. Where did the name come from?

It’s definitely interesting right?! We were thinking about a fitting name, but somehow everything we could come up with felt forced. We didn’t want anything with our names, or something abstract, or something that could remind you of somebody else. So one time, we were up all night doing some crate-digging and while doing so, we heard a track by Kill Frenzy (part of Claude VonStroke’s dirtybird crew). It’s a lovely booty bouncing track, and it was fully responsible for our name. Go have a listen for yourself and you’ll find out why we love it so much.

  1. How did you meet?

Our musical souls met at Amsterdam Dance Event in 2012.BGWG1

  1. Do you only produce or do you enjoy spinning live at nightclubs?

We do both. The response from the crowd when you play your own track is wonderful and addictive. We also see it as our jobs to take the crowd on a powerful musical journey. This is why we spend so much time reviewing and selecting our favorite musical gems, we see track selection and pacing the night as the most important job a DJ has no matter where he or she is playing.

  1. What do you use to produce? Software, favorite gear, etc.

We use Ableton Live 8. We haven’t really had the time to adjust to Live 9 yet. Maybe that’s a goal for 2014! LOL. We don’t use hardware as it’s simply out of our budget at the moment. Our synth and bass sounds come from MASSIVE, Arturia synths, and our absolute favorite for throwback sounds, DIVA. Drums samples are handpicked from analog samples, although sometimes we do use Tremor.

  1. What’s your thoughts on the music scene in Berlin. Is the EDM scene pretty big over there?

The country as a whole respects artist and gives them opportunities to evolve. What we love about the Berlin nightlife is that it’s so diverse. Big artists from all over the world are dying to play at places like Panorama Bar and Berlin’s city festivals. But most amazing of all is that there’s a place for every subculture in this city. Simply beautiful.

  1. Who are you currently listening to? 

At the moment a lot of Hannah Wants, Kry Wolf, Jamie Jones, MK, Kill Frenzy, Him_Self_Her, Julio Bashmore, and much more! If you want to stay on top of our favorites, check out our monthly article at featuring all the best tunes of the month.

  1. When It comes to putting together a mix, what is your creative process like? Do both of you sit down and select tracks, or do you both come to the table with unique selections and blend it together? 

Well, first we start off with track selection, which we do together. But this is basically because we are together all the time. Plus, we love to find new stuff and experience that together too. After that, we decide what the overall feel of the mix should be like, what kind of story we want to tell. From there we start to mix and only stop when the story has been told.

  1. There aren’t a lot of female production duos on the EDM scene right now. How do you guys try and stand out?

We just do what we love and we try to do it well, hopefully this is enough to make us stand out.

  1. Where do you girls see yourself in 5 years?

Everywhere from Miami to Ibiza.

  1. Aside from music, what do you love to do for fun? Tell me a little more about yourself.

Whenever we get the chance to take a day of, we like to go to the beach. Or go travelling and sightseeing. Also, we love horror movies, suspense and thriller series like American Horror Story, Dexter and Hannibal. With lots of popcorn, of course!

  1. Hobbies, passion, dating life, fashion, etc. 

Hobbies: cooking and baking

Passion: music, what else?

Dating life: in love!

Fashion: love it!

  1. Speaking of fashion, are you girls fashionistas? 🙂

We wouldn’t really call ourselves fashionistas. But we do love us some fashion! Just not on a crazy or hysterical level. We’re more into urban fashion labels than your regular <insert city name here> Fashion Week blablabla. We saw some great original stuff recently from Au Jour Le Jour, Best Leeds, Taxonomy Clothing and Blood Brother.

  1. And, feel free to mention anything else you’d like to talk about. 

Thanks for this lovely interview, it was our absolute pleasure to do it.

To be on top of our favorites of the month, check our mix series WITH YOU which will be arriving in the beginning of the month. Episode 4 is up next, and it’ll be released in October. And to accompany each episode of WITH YOU, we will feature a new Beatport chart as well.

We hope you will like this exclusive mix we crafted for ThinkSoul25! Just imagine yourself watching the sun go down on the White Isle after a summer’s worth of partying. Oh yeah.. Play it loud. (:


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