Dashaun Wesley

Voguing | Rogue Vogue – ‘More Than Enough’ x ‘Say U Will’ [VIDEOS]

Dashaun Wesley
Dashaun Wesley

Loving the sounds of 90s house, Rogue Vogue is back with two brand new releases that are vogue-tastic (yes, I made up a word.) I don’t know what it is, but something about the arrangements of early 90s house tracks are perfect for vogueing, wacking, and just cutting loose. Perhaps it’s the way the beats are simple, yet hit so hard; the body becomes one with each beat.

I could try to break it down, but one thing I do know is that voguing is an art form. I just love watching dancers get in the zone and vogue with everything they’ve got.¬†Which is exactly what NYC Ballroom Legend Dashaun Wesley does.

Dashaun vogues with every inch of his body and he’s absolutely fierce!

So, in celebration of ballroom culture and the art of vogue, I’d love to share with you these 2 new music videos from Rogue Vogue, one of which features Dashaun Wesley.

And while you’re at it, check out Dashaun werking it like crazy in this video “House Of Evisu.”

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