Defected | Yousef ft. Charli Taft – ‘I See (Shadow Child remix)’

Boy oh boy, did I have quite the eventful weekend booming with house music vibes. From a wild night of sensational vibes from Dusky’s live set at U Street Music Hall to a “all things house/DNB” mini-roadtrip with my buddy to Kings Dominion. This weekend has been filled with so many experiences, and on top of that, I finally got my Macbook back from the Apple store together.

Yeah, apparently they gave me a bad logic board when they first repaired it. So hopefully this “new” one works for a long time.

Anyways, sorry for being MIA on the blog, but now that my weekend is done, I can get back to sharing with you the good vibes of house and electronic dance music. So let’s start off with this great Shadow Child Remix of Yousef’s track “I See” featuring the vocals of Charli Taft.

Give it a spin. 🙂 More music tomorrow!


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