Ruby Sparks: A Smart, Quirky, & Oh-So Witty Love Story


As of late, I’ve spent an intensive amount of my free time watching martial arts and hardcore action movies on Netflix Instant. But today I did something different: I watched a love story. Perhaps to satisfy the girly-girl side, I felt compelled to watch something with a hint of romance, but I didn’t want to watch a cliche boy-meets-girl and falls in love story.

So, my first choice was Ruby Sparksa film I recorded on DVR.

If you loved Little Miss Sunshine and the awesomeness of 500 Days of Summer, then Ruby Sparks is an unconventional, truly impossible love story that pulls you in from the get-go.

Basically, Calvin is the genius novelist who has had great success as a writer, but he lives a very lonely life. His only companion his is dog Scottie. No real friends, except for his brother, but that friendship is more so out of obligation and not by choice. So, you’ve got this lonely novelist who lives in a beautiful home in the hills of Hollywood, and he’s not getting any action whatsoever, not even in his dreams.

But in his dreams, he does have fragments of conversation with a beautiful woman. And this woman, who doesn’t exist, becomes the inspiration for his new novel. Yet, as soon as he begins to write, the woman in the book named Ruby becomes reality: She exists. However, her existence is dependent upon whatever Calvin writes.

Calvin controls Ruby. He can change anything and everything about her, but as he enjoys their relationship he stops writing…which leaves room for Ruby to evolve and change. Causing her to realize that the relationship is unhealthy. Calvin has no world outside of Ruby, and that causes problems.

I won’t spoil the entire film for you, but I will say it’s such a smart and witty romantic comedy that I highly recommend. Watching it made me think of my last relationship with a man who was similar in character. He had no friends, no social life, was a brilliant genius, but had social and control issues….which is why our relationship only last for a month. I was smart enough to move on. And Ruby Sparks made me think about how I never ever want to date a boring asshole with no friends or spontaneity.

Anyways, enough of my complaining about that cold-hearted emotionless human being I dated. If you want a great movie to watch, then check out the 2012 film Ruby Sparks. It’s sooooo good! But 500 Days of Summer is still one of my favorite love stories.

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