DNB Flashback | Calibre & High Contrast – ‘Mr. Majestic’


The year was 2006. I had spent 5 years falling in love with the origins and evolution of house music, and I was soaking up an arsenal of music that could rival any DJ’s collection. Yet, I was still a foreigner to the sounds of drum and bass. That is, until I heard “Mr. Majestic.”

In the madness of using Limewire (remember those days?)  to find new music, I fell into a void of downloads that let me to the genre of drum and bass.  In the midst of trying to avoid viruses and just experience new music, Calibre & High Contrast’s “Mr. Majestic” fell into my hands.

And my oh my, what a glorious experience once that download reached 100% completion and I was able to push play.

Perhaps one of the most simple, yet powerful, drum and bass tracks ever made, “Mr. Majestic” is the perfect collaboration between DNB heroes: Calibre and High Contrast. It’s one of those songs that makes you wonder what it was like in the studio. Who came up with what part? Who decided the drum pattern? And the vocals? What inspired them? Who is Mr. Majestic? So many questions!

Yet, questioning aside, one thing that is evident is the stellar brilliance of this track. It’s a release that still gets played today by drum and bass purists, and it’s a track that I think, along with Roni Size’s “Brown Paper Bag” helps keep the momentum of drum and bass alive.

Like I always tell folks: Step aside dubstep, it was love at first sight with drum & bass. It’s one of my favorite genres aside from house.

So, in the name of all good things and the appreciation of nostalgia, I provoke you to get lost in the beauty of Calibre & High Contrast’s “Mr. Majestic.” And while you’re at it, check out “The Other Side,” a track on the other side of the vinyl.

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