OUT NOW | Sebb Aston – Love Somebody Else EP [Love Not Money Records]


First off and foremost, I must give a huge shout-out to Sebb Aston and congratulate him for signing to Love Not Money Records. You go boy!!! Haha, okay, now let’s get down to business.

As the latest signee to Love Not Money Records, a UK-based deep house label, Sebb Aston kicks things off with his brand new EP Love Somebody Else.  

If you loved the deep vibes of his last EP, then you’re going to truly enjoy the romantic deep house sounds of his track “Love Somebody Else.” It’s an infectious track that has a unique bass pattern, melodic dreamy riffs, and some sexy vocals riddling in the background.

The original “Love Somebody Else” has already gained support from BBC Radio 1, Amine Edge, Grant Nelson, James Silk, and many more.  There is even a delightful remix Luke Pompey. Be sure to check out his Tab of Acid Mix.

Following up the hit single “Love Somebody Else,” the EP features three other deep house tracks. “Together Tonight” has an upbeat rhythm that is worthy of some ass shaking on the dance floor. And if you want to keep it soulful, but still get deep, then you’ll want to groove to the sounds of “Nobody.”

Closing out the EP, we’ve got a heavy bass banger called “In Love With You.” This is a sexy pulsating track that I must say is truly certified awesome. If there was any track to bring the EP to a close, I’d say “In Love With You” was a superb choice!

Overall, Sebb Aston’s debut EP on Love Not Money Records get’s a 5 star rating from ThinkSoul25. Great job Sebb! Keep the house music alive. 🙂

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