Eclectic Rhymes | Gajah & Mute Speaker – ‘The Great Indoors’


Whether it’s a “Breakfast Shoplift” or passing time killing some hype, Los-Angeles emcee Gajah knows how to serve up some eclectic, often ingenious, lyricism that could easily be a verbal visualization of an abstract painting.

I’ve covered quite a bit of music of his on this blog, and whenever I get the chance (and I remember,) I try to post his music. So to show some love and mad support to one of my favorite emcees, I’m sharing with you some fresh new visuals from Gajah.

Check out his new video “The Great Indoors” featuring Mute Speaker.

Once you’ve soaked up that heavy dosage of creative lyricism, you’ll want to get in the mix and get to know Gajah and the Acid Lab Records family. Trust me, Gajah and Acid Lab Records bring forth some innovative hip-hop. It’s like non-stop spoken word. Gosh, I love it! 🙂

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