Deep N Dirty | Dominic Martin (Domsko) – ‘The Mack Returneth (Domsko Reboot)’

It’s not #ThrowbackThursday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get nostalgic. Remember the video/song above? That my friends used to be the anthem! Back in the day, whenever a woman did you wrong and lied to you, the only thing left to do was throw on some shades, man up, swag up, and be a mack. Haha, I’m just telling it like it is.

artworks-000052697430-7bke2l-t500x500Anyways, that was 1996. And in 1997, did you know that Mark Morrison was arrested for threatening an office with a stun gun? Well, he did, and it’s such a random fact that had slipped my radar, but thanks to Dominic Martin, I’ve not only learned this fact, but also found a bangin’ summer bootleg of the original “Return Of The Mack.”

So, this Dominic Martin guy, who is he? Well, he’s a deep house producer out of Glasgow, Britain and when he goes deep, dark, techy, and dirty, he goes by the name of Domsko.

Taking a trip to the dark side, Domsko has given us a fresh new spin on the Mark Morrison original. Titled, “The Mack Returneth (Domsko Reboot,)” this bootleg is a refreshing garage/deep house track that not only makes you feel like a mack, but a mack that could totally kill it on the dancefloor.

Give it a spin below and be sure to follow Dominic Martin aka Domsko on Twitter @domsko

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