Certified Awesome | GTA V Official Gameplay Video


Grand Theft Auto: V official gameplay video. Need I say more?


No, but seriously, Grand Theft Auto:V is a game that I’ve been waiting for ever since the end of Grand Theft Auto: IV. Once I finished that game, I was curious what on earth Rockstar Games would do next. Would we return to Los Santos? Or would simply be introduced to yet another character in Liberty City; so many questions, so little answers.

But, of course, if you’ve been following anything in the world of gaming, you are well-aware that Rockstar Games has re-envisioned Los Santos and the way gamers experience the GTA universe.

We’ve seen the trailers and have read some of the specs, but now we’ve got official gameplay footage to give us the 411 on what to expect.

Check it out below and share your thoughts. Gamers first fell in love with Los Santos in GTA:San Andreas, but this isn’t CJ’s Los Santos. Do you think is going to be a good game?

One thought on “Certified Awesome | GTA V Official Gameplay Video

  1. GTA V is definitely going to be a good game, and the gameplay video says it all. It amazing how Rockstar has tried to expand the open game world and the large array of activities they have introduced in the game. From golfing, hunting and tennis to trading in stocks, stealing cars and flying choppers, who wouldn’t fall in love with GTA V. I can’t wait to explore the massive Los Santos and of course to try out the multi-character swapping feature!

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