Beaches & Night Drives: My Summer House Playlist

The first week of July commences tonight, and a few days ago I realized that I have yet to share with you my summer must-have tracks. Yes, that’s correct. I have a list of deep and soulful house music your soul wants/needs.

Each summer I find myself in crazy situations, but I’ve always got the best music blasting. Music is such an innate center of my life, and a day without music results in tears, sad faces, and perhaps a little grumpiness. I need music on my life to get through the day. Especially with the challenges that life tends to throw my way; music saves the day.

So in celebration of summer, the crazy humidity that you can’t escape living in the DMV, and all the crazy adventures I’m about to have…I give you my summer playlist. These are the tracks the ones that I listen to get through the day. Some of the tracks uplift me, while others I jam out to when I want to get buckwild and have a good @$$ time.

Check out some of my tracks. What’s your summer soundtrack? 🙂

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