New Music | Bondax – ‘Giving It All’

Bondax-11Got some more new music for you! That’s right, not only did Duke Dumont drop a new track, but the UK-house duo, Bondax, have delivered a new gem as well. Trust me, it’s good stuff.

The track goes by the name of “Giving It All” and from I’m hearing so far, I’ll say that Bondax is truly giving it all they’ve got: superb production.

I must say, I’m loving these sibling production duos hailing from the UK. First you’ve got the brothers of Disclosure killing it in the electronic music/house scene, and then you’ve got the brothers of Bondax doing there electro thing as well. I’m highly impressed!

So if you’re a fan of Bondax and(hopefully) Disclosure, then show your support to both of these artists. And you can do that by checking out this new release from Bondax. 🙂 And then, go listen to Disclosure’s album Settle on Spotify. Gosh, I can’t get enough of that album!

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