Fall In Love With Stromae – ‘Peace or Violence’ [Official Music Video]

stromae_belI’ve heard complaints from a few of my friends on how Pandora always plays old music, but that isn’t a bad thing. If it wasn’t for my TEED Pandora station, I would have never discovered Stromae’s 2010 hit single, “Peace or Violence.”

Stromae is an artist I’m not familiar with, but I must say I’m loving what I’m hearing from this Belgian singer/songwriter. “Peace Or Violence” is a catchy electronic tune that I can’t get enough of, but that isn’t the only track you should check out.

His new music video, “Papaoutai” came out recently and it’s quite avant-garde. The video is totally worth watching. I don’t understand the language, but I love the artistic direction that went into making this video.

Watch both of the videos now and fall in love with Stromae. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fall In Love With Stromae – ‘Peace or Violence’ [Official Music Video]

  1. The second track “Papaoutai” .. for those who wanted to know what it means, Papaoutai really means “Papa où t’es?” in french.. translation “Daddy where are you?” …Stromae is speaking as a kid who’s looking for his dad … Stromae started his music carreer as a rapper, he is a very talented lyricist .. so the lyrics are as good as the instrumental ..
    Another video from his latest album which is really well written (in french) .. “formidable” .. with english subtitles

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