Dc Rooftop view

The Art Of Finding…Whatever It Is Your Looking For…

Dc Rooftop viewNearly six months have passed since I graduated from University of Colorado, and my big move to Los Angeles in November often feels like a haze. It feels like a distant reminder of my old aspirations to live the Hollywood life, and the great disparities enticed by a struggle that my bachelors degree couldn’t rescue me from (at least not in Cali.)

With the memories of struggling, homelessness (hotel to hotel and nights in the car,) heartbreaks, and crushed dreams behind me, I’m now 22 years old working as an intern in Washington, DC and living in the capital of Maryland.

I’ve come along way, not just these past six months, but even the distant frustrations of Fall 2012 are now lingering fragments instead of op-ed essays.

Armed with sheer brilliance and determination, I’m now on this enigmatic journey of finding…something. What should I be looking for? What do I need to find? And the biggest question of all: Why do I need to be on the search for something?

My answer: Life is the fulfillment of achieving the answers/solution to our organic and artificial desires. To my understanding of the woman I’ve evolved into and have become to know, I realize that I’m not complete until I arrive to a realistic equilibrium that brings forth harmony in my life.

The actualities of success, happiness, and a sense of tranquility amongst one self, are not cookie-cutter experiences that each of us holds dear, oh so near, to our hearts. The journey of finding whatever it is your looking for, even if it’s yourself, is a collective journey of your timeline: experiences.

Our experiences become the ingredients for the cultivation of personality, values, distinction, relationships, and dreams.

My experiences, which range from tragic (stories for another time) to joyous life-changing moments, have brought me to where I stand today. My dream…hmmm…good question. Given my circumstances and my passions (which are still shifting,) I don’t have a concrete dream, but I do know it will marry my love of music and art. 

Perhaps an art gallery, a lounge, a cafe, or maybe even a record label just for house music. I don’t know yet, but I know as the years go by and as I rack up more experiential knowledge, I’ll be steps closer to the evolution of my dream. But for now, I’m on the majestic journey of finding happiness, comfort, love, health, and whatever else life has in store.

Life is calling me, I just have to answer the call…

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