Daydream To The Beautiful Sounds of Fort Romeau – ‘Jetée’


I love the city, but I hate it. On a Saturday morning, I don’t want to hear the sounds of cars whizzing by, strangers shuffling on the sidewalk, and the sounds of construction workers building another monster in the sky.

The silence of the countryside and the mountains is something I miss, and when I listen to Fort Romeau’s “‘Jetée'” I found myself drifting to that distant serenity.

Growing up in Colorado, I grew accustomed to the sounds of nature. Denver could bring the ruckus, but Colorado Springs was often tranquil; for the most part. The serenity of standing on top of Pikes Peak and hearing the sound of the wind breezing by, is a moment in my life I’ll always remember. Days like those are ones I feign for. I wish I could escape to a quieter space in life. But in DC, it’s hard to find that tranquility.

Searching for an oasis is a desire I’ve yet to fulfill. But hopefully with the next few years I’ll discover a place I can truly call home. Somewhere quiet, yet accessible to a large metropolitan. I don’t think living off the grid work for me: Starbucks must be in the vicinity. 🙂




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