Craving The Days of Summertime Disco In DC

d7349ba2dc2cca272a602267648dcaee9ca0c69f_mListening to the song above, I begin to think about all the fun I want to have this summer. But, perhaps I’m ahead of myself…let’s start off with a simple “hello.”

I’ve been distant from ThinkSoul25 the past few days, due to several things.
No.1: I moved to Annapolis and finally got internet today.
No.2: Working in DC takes up my days, but I love what I get to do at my job.
No.3: I met an amazing well-educated guy from DC and we’ve been inseparable. 😉

So hello, and sorry. Sorry for not having the chance to share with you my musical diggs and my random musings. But, now I’m here, and right now I’m really craving some summertime disco, pop, and house.

Last summer, even in the midst of life’s turmoils, I had an exceptional summer exploring DC, going to house events, dating around, and letting the summer breeze move to and fro. And this summer, I want to have an epic time of late-night dancing in flashy outfits, exploring the city with this great guy I’m intoxicated by, and I want to use this summer to become a DC fashionista, or maybe even a socialite!

Socialite? Most likely not, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

This summer is going to be the time of my life. I’m 22, college-educated, snagged my first cool paid-internship in DC, and I’m on a networking frenzy. So, let’s kick things off right by hitting up the beach next weekend. Let me get my playlist ready. 🙂

So, I’m just writing this little blurb to let you know why I’ve been distant, but baby…I’m back!

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