Certified Banger | Joel Compass – F’d Up (Huxley Remix) x Music Video

Joel_Compass_Fucked_Up480331_481873271842572_1687080293_nToday is my first time ever hearing of Joel Compass, which can be attributed to the fact I rarely listen to modern R&B due to a strong preference for old school crooning. You know, that New Edition, Jagged Edge, Boys II Men stuff. But, Joel Compass’ latest single “Fucked Up” is quite a track, and what brought it into my radar is this absolute banging remix by Huxley (Michael Dodman.)

How could I resist a Huxley remix? When I saw his name on the track ID, I knew I had to immediately push play; skipping it was not an option. And much to my surprise (sounds like something proper to say,) this remix ended up being not just a great deep grooving, bass pumping Huxley mix, but a track worth playing over, over, and over again!

I love Huxley! He’s one British guy who catches my fancy with his deep originals & bass pumping remixes. When I want it deep and jackin, I’m shuffling to the sounds of George Fitzgerald, Maya Jane Coles, Duke Dumont, Waze & Odyssey, Disclosure, and Huxley. 🙂

Give the remix a spin and while you’re at it, check out Joel Compass’ new music video “Fucked Up.”

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