♥ | Miguel Alcobia – ‘House Is My Everything’ [Pure Funk Records]


House music is my life. My religion. My devotion. House is my savior. My belief. My hunger. House is my passion. My love. My faith. My vocation. My calling. House is my dawn…my day, my night…House is my everything – Miguel Alcobia – “House is My Everything”

The lyrics above are a description of house that I couldn’t have said better myself. House truly is a lifestyle, a passion, a love, a faith, and a devotion in my life; house is my life.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grooving to the sounds of house, networking with DJs, and promoting the goodness, the peace, the love, and the awesomesauce of house music. So stumbling upon this track, thanks to Mr. Groove sending it to me, I’m happy to say it’s a track that could easily become a deep-tech house music anthem. 🙂

Check out this new release from Miguel Alcobia, “House Is My Everything” on Pure Funk Records. 🙂


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