Semicolon (Explicit Version) [feat. Solange] - Single

The Lonely Island Makes Bad Grammar Sound So Legit [YouTube Comedy Week]

Semicolon (Explicit Version) [feat. Solange] - SingleDespite the fact I have a Bachelor degree in English Writing from University of Colorado Denver (class of 2012,) I still struggle with the proper usage of the semicolon. I’ve arrived at the point of no return with most of my sentences, and by then if a semicolon seems right, then I just go for it.

I’m not afraid to admit my love/hate/confusion relationship with the semicolon, but comedy trio The Lonely Island truly have no regrets in their bad grammar. In celebration of YouTube Comedy Week, The Lonely Island have debuted a hilarious new song called “Semicolon” and it features the lovely vocals of Solange.

This explicit track and lyric video, which happens to be one of the first videos not directed by The Lonely Island, shows us all the “right” ways to use a semicolon. It sounds right to the guys, so they go for it and throw in a semicolon whenever they please. Good idea, wrong usage.

But who cares if it’s grammatically incorrect (which makes it even funnier.) The song is awesome! It’s got a nice rhythm to it and to be honest, it sounds sooooo legit!

Watch the official lyric video below.

And don’t forget to check out their 1st video for YouTube Comedy Week – Diaper Money

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