Dubstep x DNB | Keeping The Faith

artworks-000047856298-uw9fpv-t500x500House music is my heart, but hey I love all things in the family of electronic dance music and I can get down with dubstep and drum & bass (so addicting!) So when Keeping The Faith (Ian Halsall) sent me links to some of his latest tracks, I was totally digging what I heard.

Even though I’m a house music junkie for life and that’s my heart, I love all types of music (especially EDM.) So don’t ever be afraid to submit your music to me. I try my best to share good music. 🙂

Word to the wise: you can never go wrong with some dubstep, drum & bass, and good old fashioned breaks.  So check out some of Keeping The Faith’s music and be sure to stay in the loop via his soundcloud.

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