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The Art of Cosplay | Human Angle: Cosplaying The Part (VIDEO)

maxresdefault (1)Before I begin this post, let me just say that I’ve yet to actually do any cosplay, but I’m currently in the works of putting the pieces together to do a Wonder Woman photo shoot. More details to come! 🙂 Add me on FB @ to follow more of my Wonder Woman talk, pictures, and fitness progress.

Alright, so now that I got that out of the way, you should check out this pretty cool short feature, Human Angle: Cosplaying The Part.

Featuring cosplayer Ger Tysk, this short video from Polygon takers a deeper (but short) look at cosplay and how Ger views it as an art form. For her, cosplay is art, not just some weird hobby of dressing up.

Cosplay is a huge culture and community of people that enjoy showcasing their work. It’s not a bunch of weirdos, geeks, and lames getting together to make a statement; no, it’s much more than that.

Cosplay is about folks getting together, having a good ass time, and looking pretty effin’ cool in whatever cosplay they choose. Can you get down with that? Because I sure can. 🙂

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