Kristen Wiig Makes SNL 10x Better

Kristen-Wiig-hosts-SNL-5-11-13Last night, Kristen Wiig made her triumph return to Saturday Night Live and reminded me that the show was really better when she was a cast member. Even though she was just hosting last night, her presence on most of the skits brought back that energy that a lot of the SNL skits have been missing. Don’t cha think so?

Wiig has been busy transitioning into the roles of movies, but she still has got the perfect comedic timing and characterization that made her such a star on SNL.

With the return of The Californians, she couldn’t even contain her laughter with all the 405 jargon and Rodeo drive nonsense. And in a skit for Mother’s Day, she had a hilarious hell of a time dealing with an annoying mom and buying her 1-800 Flowers. That skit was one I’m sure you’ll relate to, but the best of the night was the return of The Californians and the Lawrence Welk Show.

So yeah, The Californians was the best, but how about the weirdest skit? I’d say the Acupuncture one. Kristen Wiig giving acupuncture and blood squirting uncontrollably. It was grossly hilarious! Oh, and the second weird-but-funny skit was the Disney channel spoof, Ghost Mom. LOL. It’s the Ring meets Disney channel following the hilarious shenanigans of Kristen as a ghost raising Disney-style kids. Check it out!

Not only did Wiig do a knockout job last night, but even a very pregnant Maya Rudolph stopped by to make a few appearances. Overall, it was a hilarious episode that just shed light on the reality that one person can make a show better…and Kristen Wiig makes SNL better! Ugh, I miss her as a regular cast member!

If you love Kristen Wiig, then be sure to watch the skits below! And just in case you are wondering, yes…Target Lady made a return!

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