WATCH Nicolas Jaar’s Minimal House Set @ Boiler Room NYC


In my mind (sometimes out loud,) I often compare Maya Jane Coles to Nicolas Jaar. In my head, the two of them have the same personality and illusive mighty hands that work wonders on any production, but of course…this is all inside of my head. Perhaps they’ve met or are influenced by one another, but one thing that is certain is that both of them have proven themselves as powerhouses in the realm of tech house and minimal house.

In my latest post, I shared with you Maya Jane Coles Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 and shared with you my thoughts on her sheer brilliance. Well, if you were in need of some proof that Nicolas Jaar is yet another mastermind, then watch his live set at the Boiler Room in NYC.

Those unaware of Boiler Room should know that playing at the Boiler Room, whether it be in Berlin, NYC, or LA, is an experience that allows for DJs and producers to get up close and personal with the audience; imagine being front and center at your DJ’s favorite set. Boiler Room is one of the most popular “underground” music shows and Nicolas Jaar played an organic, yet ultra experimental, set for his first time playing within the Boiler Room.

Watch his set below. For his first time playing at Boiler Room NYC, I’d say he did a great throwing in the minimal and tech house, as well as some jazzy-snazzy vibes. He was doing what he does best, being Nicolar Jaar…



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