Super Hyped | ‘Watch Dogs’ World Premiere Gameplay Trailer [North America]

Watch-DogsWAllAnyone who watches Scandal on ABC Thursdays most have seen (or hopefully watches) Person of Interest. One of my favorite shows on ABC, Person of Interest takes the entire concept of society being monitored to new heights, and the upcoming video game Watch Dogs has the similar concept. But of course, being that its not related to the show, the entire premise and character motivation is something of it’s own creation.

Watch Dogs takes the characters into an open-world and the role of Aiden Pearce. You could relate him to Reese from Person of Interest and the extremities he goes to help people, but it seems that Mr. Pearce has a more vengeful motivation; making for great gameplay!

From hacking into people’s phones to steal bank information and causing the traffic lights to malfunction, Mr. Pearce does anything and everything he can to accomplish his missions. And with every piece of technology in the city at his control (he’s a brilliant hacker,) there is truly no stopping him. Thus, the open-world concept is perfect for hours of wreaking havoc.

You’ll have to watch till November 19, 2013 to get your hands on this title, but the new gameplay trailer “Out of Control” surely does have me super hyped. From the graphics of the environment to the character detail and motions, I’m stoked to play Watch Dogs and experience it’s awesomeness in it’s entirety.

Watch the new trailer below. Hyped? You should be. 🙂

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