Hey Diddle Diddle: Books I Loved As a Kid

Hey Diddle DiddleBookstores are my addiction; give me some coffee, I’ll browse for hours! Whenever I see a bookstore, especially if it isn’t a mainstream chain, I have to clear my schedule and go spend several hours browsing every section. And even though I don’t have any kids (and not really big on the idea of having them,) I find myself stopping by the children section for the sack of nostalgia.

Not just for the sake of nostalgia, but on occasion I’ll read children’s books and help my mom decide what type of children’s books she would love to illustrate. And last weekend, while spending a good hour or so in the book section at Daedlus Books, I couldn’t help to get all giddy reading some of the books I myself loved as a wee child.

Talk about shelf-life! Some of these books have been around for over a decade and I bet some of the ones I was reading in the 90s have history that go back decades before. Let’s talk about Hey Diddle Diddle. Remember? The cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, and how about those running spoons? Classic nursery rhyme, a book that I loved as a kid. 🙂

Hey Diddle Diddle was (and still is) a great story that is booming with whimsical charm, but there are a few other books I loved as a kid. So in the spirit of memory-lane and the joy that comes from reading a great book, here are a few of the books that I cherished.

Do you have any books that you loved as a kid? Feel free to share!

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