Cool Tech | Make The Perfect Cocktail with the Barman Mixing Platform


Ever went to a friend’s house, you know the one who claims to make the best drinks, and walked away disappointed (or miserably wasted) from a unbalanced cocktail? Well, I haven’t, but I know some people who have had that happen. It’s nice to be that guy or that girl who wants to make the best drinks for everyone, but sometimes you’ve got admit you need help when it comes to mixing up the right ingredients. But if you have the Barman mixing Platform, then never again will you have just an okay cocktail.

Currently a project on Kickstarter, The Barman is the latest technological solution to mixing cocktails. With this new technology, you don’t have to be a seasoned bartender and surely you won’t have to scram recipe books looking for the right measurements for the cocktail of your choice. Barman puts a stop to that nonsense.

With an App for your smartphone, you can find the recipe for the cocktail you’re craving. Once you’ve selected it, the recipe is sent via bluetooth to the Barman platform. Using proportions, the Barman tells you how much of each liquor to add to the glass (of any size.)

This project is still in the funding phase, but the prototype is quite impressive. Watch the official demonstration here.

With this cool piece of technology in your home, never again will you make a bad drink. 😉

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