Experimental Vibes | Check Out New Music from Bibio [Updated w/Music Video]

UPDATE! New video for “À tout à l’heure” is here!

bibio-bannerIt’s a Sunday afternoon and I find myself sitting here pondering the next steps I’m going to take in life. Heavy topics, heavy thoughts, but they must coexist within the framework of my mind. And when I’m having these moments of uncertain madness, I like to get lost in the experimental vibes of artists such as Bibio (and of course, Bonobo.)

My timing in search of some experimental sounds is just right, considering that Bibio is working on a forthcoming album Silver Wilkinson and has released two new tracks. The first track, “You” is a beautiful experimentation of organic rhythms infused with hip hop riffs. The second track, “À tout à l’heure,” takes the sounds to the direction of a romantic countryside escape infused with cultural percussions.

Give both of them a listen and be sure to read the note Bibio wrote and posted on his tumblr.


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