WATCH Reggie Watt’s Hilarious Set List “Misogynist Serenade”

Shot_3_2734_XAnyone who is familiar with the industry of stand-up comedy (duh, you should be,) knows that most comedians have a “set” of jokes they deliver. While sometimes they come up with new sets, rearrange material, and sometimes throw in the occasional improv, it’s mainly all from memory. However, The Set List is this amazing LIVE show that challenges comedians to come up with an entire set off the top of the dome. Challenging? Yes, especially if the suggested topic is something they don’t know much about.

The show has been running for the past few months, but comedy aficionado and hilarious random British guy, Reggie Watts, tackled the challenge of a “misogynist serenade  pretty well. I had the pleasure of seeing Reggie Watts perform live at the 9:30 Club last year, and I must say he is one funny guy that has a great set filled with music, improv, socio-political commentary, and an awesome fro that goes all over the place.

If you’ve never seen him live, then watch this video and get an idea of how awesome his spontaneous creativity truly is!

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