When Starbucks’ Facebook Page Say’s “It’s On The House,” It Really Is

StarbuckshouseblendCoffee, coffee, coffee. Give it to me dark, give it to me light, just whatever you do, make sure it’s right!

Haha, I love my daily cup of joe and today, before leaving the house to do some grocery shopping with my mom, I noticed on FB that Starbucks status update read, “House Blend is on the house. Come by and enjoy your free cup before noon today.” At first I wasn’t sure if it actually would apply to all locations, but I still decided to make it my mission; left the house at 11am in pursuit of coffee.

By the time I got to Safeway, I was just in time to ask the guys at the Starbucks if the house blend was actually free. Guess what, it really was! So I got my cup of joe and walked away with a big smile on my face. Today I was truly happy to be a loyal Starbucks customer. 🙂

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the House Blend is on point! They are celebrating more than 40 years of brewing their House Blend, so I was happy they decided to give it to us, on the house.

Thanks Starbucks, you rock!



One thought on “When Starbucks’ Facebook Page Say’s “It’s On The House,” It Really Is

  1. I had a coupon for a free macchiato in February and it was delish! My mother said he didn’t use hers because she thought it was a trick. When Starbucks says “free” it’s never a trick!

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