Nomadic Buzz | Starbucks “Box Of Coffee” Traveler

babc0fc9957a4c6f90d24c1ad5264752Good morning! I hope that you’ve all gotten off to a great start this morning, and if you’re anything like me, then a freshly brewed cup of joe gets you started.

Whether it’s home-brewed or something you pick up from Starbucks (or the local gas station,) the beauty of coffee is that you can always grab it on the go. But if you happen to be a nomad that is always shuffling from place to place, then you’d be better of buying a “Box of Coffee.”

Often advertised at most Starbucks and online, the “Box of Coffee” is actually a common nickname for Starbucks very own Coffee Traveler. The design is quite eye-catching and it’s the perfect solution for having a steady flow of coffee. It hold’s 8-ounce cups of joe, isn’t that great?! For someone like myself who drinks coffee a lot and is always driving all over the country and moving, this is the perfect solution.

The next time I get the chance, I’m going to pick up one of these! The price varies by location, but I’m sure it’s not crazy expensive.

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