Urban Art | Brilliant Street Art That You’ll Love!

Today has been a lazy Sunday. Taking into consideration I danced till 5 in the morning at Deep Sugar (monthly house music event in Baltimore @ The Paradox,) I think a relaxing day is well-deserved before the weekly grind begins.

I’ve spent much of my day playing San Andreas on computer, and the past hour I’ve been browsing Street Art Utopia  That site has some amazing street art that always blows my mind, so I’d love to share with you some brilliant pieces that I’m sure you’ll love, admire, or at least be inspired to create! 🙂

Nuxuno Xän – In Fort De France, Martinique


Snub23 – On the Black Duke in North Wales, UK

Graffiti-by-Snub23-at-the-Black-Duke-3 Graffiti-by-Snub23-at-the-Black-Duke-2 Graffiti-by-Snub23-at-the-Black-Duke-1


14-Galeria-Urban-Art-Forms-in-Lodz-Poland.-By-Os-Gemeos-and-Aryz 6-Galeria-Urban-Art-Forms-in-Lodz-Poland.-By-Gregor-Ciah-Ciah 1-Galeria-Urban-Art-Forms-in-Lodz-Poland.-By-Aryz-1

DESORDES CREATIVAS 2012 – In Ordes, Spain

Street-Art-by-KIQEN-at-DESORDES-CREATIVAS-2012-1 Street-Art-by-NAS-and-DEL-at-DESORDES-CREATIVAS-2012-3 Street-Art-by-NAS-and-DEL-at-DESORDES-CREATIVAS-2012-2 Street-Art-by-Blu-at-DESORDES-CREATIVAS-2012

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