♥ | Hackman – ‘Agree To Disagree’ x Other Beautiful Sounds


It has been awhile since I’ve opened up Spotify and got lost in some music.  I switch back and forth between jamming to Pandora on my phone, and then if I’m not listening to Internet Radio, I’m jamming to some podcasts or music I’ve downloaded. Nevertheless, Spotify never disappoints me in my quest for new music, and today I found a beautiful track that you really ought to check out.

The track I’m absolutely loving right now is Hackman’s “Agree To Disagree.” With minimal lyrics, this track is a beautiful instrumental exploration of the essence of opposing sounds reaching a mutual plane of existence.

Now, in case you are wondering how I found this track (as well of some of the others below,) it’s all based on a station created to the sounds of Bondax’s “Gold.” So if you want to get into this groove and create, make a new radio based of “Gold” and you’ll get lost in the zone!

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