Afro Power

Urban Hippie: So, This is Life After College Graduation…

Afro PowerRoughly five months since I’ve graduated from University of Colorado Denver with my Bachelor of Arts in English Writing (minor in Film/TV,) and I’ve stumbled upon several realizations. Initially,  I was often under the daunting assumption that I’d hit the pavement running once I had my degree…but that isn’t the case. I suppose you can say I’ve been basically living life as a urban hippie with a nomadic track-record.

My stint in Los Angeles lasted from November to the first week of March, and now I find myself back on the East Coast with my folks. I’ve tried my hand at attempting to find full-time work in the Washington, DC area (LA was even worse,) and to no avail, I’ve had no luck in snagging a “chance.” I could be dismayed by this abrupt realization that life-after college isn’t quite a breeze (considering student loans hanging over my head,) but surprisingly enough I’m quite content with my circumstances.

Graduated high school early as a Junior at 17 and knocked out college straight (including summer semesters) prior to turning 22 years old (this month is my birthday.) So, I guess you can say this “time-off” is actually a blessing in disguise; my brain can actually delegate its attention to my creative ambitions and not the tedious tasks of someone telling me what to do.

Being at the hand of someone else has never been my style. Call me stubborn if you may, but I’ve often functioned as a self-made business woman and gifted entrepreneur with a niche for generating cash. I’ve made thousands of dollars simply by freelance writing and cultivating my commitment to my plot in life as a writer. Struggling artist in the eyes of some, I’ve vehemently declared an elusive desire to actually make this work. Yes, I’m a writer, artist, and multimedia junkie with a passion for photography and film, and I hope to have a career doing what I love; creating works to be rejected, scolded, praised, honored, and apprehensively accepted.

Freelance writing and contracting my design/art/illustration services to clients has been a great way for me to build up my repertoire as a writer, but that doesn’t mean I’m hanging up my shoes and calling it a day — the marvelous journey of hippie-dom and explosive creativity has just begun.

College-educated, check-mark. Arrived at my threshold as a writer? Absolutely not. I’m not done with my aspirations in the field of writing, actually I’m on the other end of the spectrum. Of course being a brillant literary maven doesn’t require formal education/training, but I do have unnerving desire to leap forward into Journalism School in 2014 and allow myself to have the experience of a lifetime engaging in research, reporting (which I’ve yet to experience,) photojournalism, documentary, and all aspects of convergence journalism. The ambition is set in stone, I just have to open up the jigsaw puzzle and put the pieces in their proper place.

Peace!As I embark on this journey to explore all aspects of communication and the potential to step into a career that might even be lucrative (but if not, who cares, I’m doing it because I believe in it,) I realize that I’m never going to be the conventional woman who aims to live in the lap of luxury; all I want is to be able to create, listen to house music, rocking my afro, eat healthy and organic, and have a stress-free lifestyle that involves authoring books and producing thought-provoking articles. So if I never became famous or land that huge job that I always thought I would once graduating college, at least I’m true to myself and my passion for writing, art, and film.

Some may (and do) call me a starving artist and urban hippie, but at least I’m starving for what I believe in—writing my own destiny and forging a path that brings true happiness…the ability to create works that could touch a soul with one sentence, one brush stroke, and one shot.

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