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♥ | Frank B – ‘Chain Of Fools’

images (2)At some point in your life (well I know, quite a few times in my own,) there comes a time and place you realize that your just a link on a “chain of fools.”

Those from generations before me or those who at least appreciate the classics (instead of this commercial radio garbage) know that “chain of fools” is not only just a saying, but a great song by Aretha Franklin. 

It’s yet another great song Aretha Franklin song that is filled with so much raw emotion and wisdom. But as of late the song has been gaining some popularity within the house community. How do I know this? Well, it might not officially be a mainstream craze, but producer Frank B’s “Chain of Fools” is a nice house cover of the classic Franklin track, and I’ve heard it on so many different podcasts and mixes in the past few months.

Even though the song came out in the summer of June 2012, it’s still a great house track that is getting much love and has become yet another one I add to my favorite lists. Im really digging this track and I think it’s one of those tracks that you should listen to, love, appreciate, and share with your friends. It’s simple, yet beautiful and has that nice vocals that make you want to dance.

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