DNB | Nu:Logic’ ‘What I’ve Always Waited For’ Beautiful Video Series [Hospital Records]

119886Compelled to seek out an adrenaline rush, my soundtrack of choice is often the pulsating syncopated rhythms of Drum & Bass (DNB.) Raised on the beats of Roni Size and schooled by Aphrodite and High Contrast, I’ve long been an avid listener of the beautiful explorations of sound wrapped within DNB.

There is a lot of fusions of drum and bass, dubstep, liquid bass, and so many other hybrids out there, but a new generation of artists on High Contrast’s label are keeping the music going. One of those collaborations comes from Nu:Logic; a DNB colloboration that keeps the momentum alive.

Nu:Logic has worked on many releases throughout the years, but their upcoming release What I’ve Always Waited For is already proving to be some of their best work to date! In celebration of the March 25th release on Hospital Records, director Nez Savaşkan has created an innovative series of videos to accompany each track.

Today, the eight video in the series, was released for the track “All Things” and we can expect six more videos to debut soon.

Check out the videos below and see which one will be your favorite. As of right now my favorite video and track is “Everlasting Days” featuring Lifford. It’s such a beautiful tune with romanticism that is fast-paced…just how I like it. Each beat captures you heart, teases your body, and leaves you wanting more…


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