Soulful Vibes | Sam Smith – ‘Lay Me Down (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)’

SamSmith24100012-Custom-Name-720x349Remember Disclosure’s hit release “Latch” and those soulfully haunting vocals of Sam Smith?  I mean seriously, how couldn’t you? It’s such an amazing track and I still listen to it on a daily basis. However, back then I was under the assumption that Sam Smith was a moniker for Sam Sparro, but Sam Smith is actually a rising soul singer from the UK.

Having been featured on Disclosure’s hit “Latch” really put his name in the spotlight, and his breakout release “Lay Me Down” has received much acclaim. The beautiful, yet simple, piano chords allow the vocals of Sam Smith to rise to new heights and reach the depths of your soul. Surely this track is a tearjerker.

The original is something that I can’t get enough of, but the new Todd Terry Vocal Mix is quite impressive. The remix gives the song a vibe that seems more like “Latch” and it takes the soulful vocals to a happier mood.

So if you’re not in the mood for crying and reflecting, then listen to this soulful vocal mix. But if you choose to (which I highly recommend) get lost in the raw emotion of Sam Smith’s vocals, then give “Lay Me Down” a listen.

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