All About House | Get Lost in the Sounds of Indecent Exposure

431856_457511054268312_1436816494_nBefore taking a trip to Los Angeles and living there for the past five months, I was living in the DMV and falling in love with the underground house scene that thrives in Washington, D.C. In the midst of my exploration of house, I met some great people that host underground events, and I was introduced to an amazing house production duo, Indecent Exposure.

Indecent Exposure is a house production duo consisting of Karim Ragab & Yacine A. While they spin in D.C. and have created quite the following, they are actually from abroad…which explains the strong cultural exploration within their music. Karim is from Cairo, Egypt and Yacine is from Algiers, Algeria, and together, they seamlessly blend soulful house, tech house, and deep house with beautiful vocals and middle eastern vibes.

They’ve done quite a bit since I’ve last seen them spin live in late summer of 2012 and they’ve just signed a beautiful new track on Mexa Records, a mighty label based in Mexico. The track they’ve signed is called “Tryin” and it features the vocals of Ashibah. Give it a listen below and watch for it on Mexa’s sampler next month. 🙂

Indecent Exposure has a lot of goodies on their soundcloud, so while you are their check it out! Trust me, I know you’re going to love their song. If you’re a fan of deep house, soulful house, tech house, and beautiful summery vibes, then get lost in the sounds of Indecent Exposure.





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