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Poetry | Intergalactic Void of Cliché,

This is something I wrote last year and I just stumbled upon it while searching through some folders on my computer. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just my sarcastic thoughts running wild.


Intergalactic void of cliché,
now that’s an oxymoron.
so futuristic, yet so past tense like homecoming jitters.

submissions for america’s next top model.
eligible? no.
try your luck at america’s next kim kardashian.
No intellectual originality necessary,
only the superficial need apply.

test your skills at being perfectly flawless,
ditch your personality at the door.

mindless drones are the way of the future,
elevate your body, abandon your thoughts.
hints of originality are punishable by law.
you’ll be exiled light years away,
so keep an eye out for those ghastly black holes. 

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