Werk It! | French Horn Rebellion – ‘Girls (Rogue Vogue Remix)’

It’s been a few days since I’ve actually been able to enjoy some new music, sit down, and share it with you on this blog. I literally just drove all the way across country; Los Angeles to Baltimore, Maryland….and now I’m on this journey of self discovery, trying to make my dreams as a writer come true and moving to New York (or staying here in DC and making life epic). Hey, I just graduated college, so I have the right to be a nomad and figure life out!


Everything I mentioned above probably deserves another post, but I can say I’m happy to be back on the East Coast and I’m anxious to go dancing! Speaking of dancing, French Horn Rebellion’s single “Girls” is such a great track to dance to, but the Chicago-based production from Rogue Vogue is truly one for the voguers.

Honey, if you love to vogue, shake your butt, and vogue some more, then you’ll love this track! The cover photo is so 80s, and the chords truly reminds me of an 80s jam. But you know what? It’s fabulous! So honey, you bettah work!!!!


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