Creative Ways to Keep Your Boots in Shape

Attention all boot loving friends. Do not let your boots sit inside your closet without thinking of ways to keep them upright. Yes, they are in shape when you’re wearing it, but how about when you take them off? I guess your beloved boots deserve some love before you keep them inside your closet after a long day of hugging your feet.

A little routine of dusting off your shoes and letting it air dry before putting it away can do so much to save your shoes. It is also important to be more careful when slipping on and taking off your boots to prevent any damage. Similarly, putting a boot shaper inside can maintain the shape and the luster of your favorite wedge knee high or thigh boots.

If you are willing to spend some more bucks to keep your boots in shape, here are some of the products that can do a simple but important care trick for your boots.

Boot hangers


These boot shapers can be adjusted to fit the kind of tension your boots need to keep them upright. You can also get a boot shaper with hanger so you can hang your light weight boots. Buy each pair of this for only $10 and have all your boots fit inside your closet in a neat way.

 Something Cute and Inflatable


Another fun and cute way to keep your boots in shape is through inflatable boot shaper. It is very useful in keeping your boots in great shape when traveling or when you are just at home. It is lightweight and can be bought for $10 each.

Do-it-Yourself Boot shapers

Rolled up Magazine


The most common way to keep your boots upright is by putting a rolled up magazine inside of your boots. It is not only cheap but will also make use of old magazine sitting on your living room tables.

Clean Bottle of Wine

cover_438327044921638676_132996995216546143_BjqIn3GU_1350960160_222If you have a lot of empty wine bottles around your kitchen, now is the time to make use of them. Just put the clean and empty bottles inside your calf wedge boots or knee high boots. This is not only fashion friendly but environment friendly as well.

You can also buy flexible chopping boards and roll it in a shape that will fit the calves of your boots. If you’re crazy enough to try other ways to keep your boots upright, you can do so as much as you want. Just don’t forget to share to us your ways to keep your boots in shape so all of us can enjoy a crease free thigh high boots all year round.

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