Massive Bass | BassBoomz Portable Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

IMG_20130220_142209As a music junkie, especially a junkie with an addiction to deep house with pulsating bass, I take serious pride in owning headphones and sound equipment that gets the job done. I’m too broke to afford a pair of Beats by Dre, but my Bass Buds do a great job in noise reduction and giving me insane bass that is worthy of several eargasms.

If you haven’t read my review on Bass Buds, then go read it now! They are the best pair of headphones I’ve ever owned and the latest delight, BassBoomz, is the best portable bluetooth speaker I’ve held the honor of owning.

20130220_213715Originally I was going to do a video review, but I’m so busy right now…so this blog post will have to do. Basically, BassBoomz are amazing! I’ve had mine for the past few days and I can’t stop using it! It’s so easy to connect via bluetooth to your phone or laptop. Mine easily pairs with my Macbook Pro and my Samsung Galaxy, and the bass is massive! 

When I mean massive bass, I mean it’s that time of mind-blowing throbbing that is perfect quality and feels good. Its not a crappy sound quality that has an annoying hum or metal vibrating sound; this little speaker packs a high-tech bass system. The performance of this speaker deserves a 10/10.

As far as the design goes, it’s pretty cool. I received a pink speaker (shipped from the UK via royal mail,) and it’s such a small speaker that can blast music that can be heard throughout both the rooms in the apartment. Trust me, this little guy gets loud! 🙂

If you want an affordable, innovative, and great bluetooth speaker that has major braggin’ rights, then you should give BassBoomz a shot. For the house music lovers out there or those who love dubstep, trap, and hip-hop with booming bass, then BassBoomz is the way to go!

I love this little speaker! The vibration of the bass can be felt…and that’s every music lovers dream! Well, for me, it’s all about hearing that bass. I mean, seriously, I’m that girl that gets close to the speaker at the club just to hear the house music throughout my body. So trust me, this speaker is really good! It gives me that same feeling, and it’s awesome for travel, parties, and chilling outside.

For a great discount, use this code: Voucher code with $46.00 off the retail price for the whole month: BBZ017543 @

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